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Online baby sleep courses to help everyone get more rest.

Make positive changes at your own pace.

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My DNA Sleep Program is the most comprehensive online baby sleep course available.

The courses cover everything you need to know to help your baby sleep better.

From newborn to toddlerhood, learn all about how baby sleep works, the science behind what is happening, and in addition, how to use biology in your favour to make gentle improvements to your routine.

Baby sleep is an ever-evolving journey, these online baby sleep courses help you to firstly understand all about what to expect at each age and secondly gives you age & developmentally appropriate strategies to guide you to reaching your dream sleep goals.

And all without ever needing to leave your child to cry in their room alone. 

My online baby sleep courses are jam-packed with everything I wished I knew about baby sleep when I first had my children. Each course has a mix of written and video content as well as downloads and checklists to really ensure you can put what you learn into practice. Each online baby sleep course also has a whole section dedicated to you, written by two experts in mental health and wellbeing.

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