Baby Yoga Instructor Training

Become a qualified baby yoga instructor and start a business you love with Blissed Out Babies.

✅ Do you already teach baby massage or yoga and want to add a new string to your bow?

✅ Do you love meeting new people?

✅ Does the thought of supporting parents with young babies make your heart sing?

✅ Do you crave a work life balance that works around your family?

✅ LOVE the idea of being paid to do something that never feels like work?

This course will give you everything you need to create a wonderful business that you are passionate about, supporting families by teaching them the wonderful skill of baby massage, the Wildflower way.

If you’re here as a parent and are looking to join a class, click here

Become a Wildflower Baby Yoga Instructor. This hybrid course is delivered partly online and partly with 2 days of face-to-face group training.

Learn the theory then join the group practical training and assessment days which will you the confidence to hit the ground running and start selling your classes as soon as you pass.

Online Coursework

Self paced online coursework covering:

  • Baby yoga benefits and uses.
  • Baby Anatomy, physiology and brain development and how yoga supports this
  • How baby yoga can support bonding, mental health and support baby development

Business Module

You will receive a bonus business module giving you all the information you need to create a sustainable business. 

Don’t make the same mistakes I did when I started out. I’ll give you a plan of action so you can be sure you’re ready to earn money as soon as you’re qualified. 

Live Training

2 days of live instructor-led training so you can:

  • Feel confident you can demonstrate the yoga routines correctly
  • Meet others who are also on the same journey as you to network and support each other
  • Be confident in delivering AMAZING classes that your clients will love


After you have completed your live training, you have the option to join 3 x monthly coaching calls where you can get advice on anything you need, whether that’s setting up your business, completing your assignment or just moral support and accountability.

Want to hear more? Join me on a short webinar where I cover all your questions

The webinar takes less than 20 minutes to cover all you need to know:

✅ What’s great about self employment

✅ How much you can earn teaching baby massage and baby yoga?

✅ What you need to do to complete your qualification

✅ How much it costs

✅ Why this training course over others.

Just choose which session you can join in the drop-down menu and the details will be emailed straight to you.

Why choose this baby yoga teacher training course?

Jemma Munford is a skilled and experienced infant massage instructor, she has been running a highly successful business for more than 5 years, and her award winning, 5-star-rated Manchester baby massage classes have been a sell-out every time.

You are in safe hands if you’re looking for the support and knowledge of someone who has started up a successful business from scratch around a young family (Max was just 5 months when Blissed Out Babies was formed!).

Pic of Jemma Munford Blissed Out Babies

Baby Yoga Instructor Training FAQs

How Do I Become a Baby Yoga Instructor?

Simple! Signing up for this course is all you’ll need to do to become qualified to teach baby yoga. You’ll learn everything you need to know to support groups of parents to enjoy this wonderful parenting skill! 

You will need to complete all of the following to pass this qualification:

  • study the theory and complete a written assignment,
  • complete the practical group training
  • pass a practical assessment

The group training and practical assessments are done over two days, in person. You must attend both full days in order to qualify. 

How much does it cost to become a baby yoga instructor?

Your qualification costs £395, there are no additional hidden costs, no franchise fees, no annual membership subscriptions just a one-off cost.

You can choose to pay the balance in 3 monthly instalments of £132.

How long will the qualification take?

Everybody learns at a different pace, but it would be possible to study the theory and complete the written assignment if you commit around 2 hours per week for 4 weeks. 

You will also have to attend two full days of practical teaching and assessment.

You don’t have to have completed the written assignment before the practical sessions, however, it is recommended that you have read all of the theory beforehand so you can keep up in the live sessions. 

You have 3 months after attending and passing the practicals to complete and pass the written assignment.

I'm nervous about attending and completing a practical assessment.

I understand! I felt the same when I first qualified. But I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds, we do the assessments on the second day of the group training so you’ll already have got to know everyone in the group…. and you’re all in the same boat!

It’s great practice for when you start classes in the real world alone, I don’t expect you to be perfect straight away and I’m here to support you and help you to feel confident,  you’ve got this!

What sort of salary can I expect from being a baby yoga instructor?

Yes! As with any self-employed business you get out what you put in but you can make a healthy living by running baby classes and specialist workshops. 

Working part-time hours, running just 6 classes a week, 6 times a year could easily bring in around £14k revenue per year, that’s without thinking about special workshops and private 1:1 sessions.

Will I be able to get insurance with this baby yoga qualification?

Yes! The Wildflower Baby Masssage Instructor qualification is fully insurable. We recommend Wellbeing Insurance and Westminster Indemnity.

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