Sleep Success Case Study

18 month old waking early and waking frequently through the night


Ada was 18 months old, she was unsettled throughout the night and was waking several times in distress.  She woke up most days before 6 am which meant she was constantly tired, as were her parents!

Naps ended up being early in the day, and so did bedtime which meant the evenings were stressful and felt rushed.

When her parents attended to her through the night they found that she would demand to be taken out of the cot and they couldn’t get her back in, so often resorted to sleeping in a nursing chair or co-sleeping, which wasn’t sustainable. 

What We Changed

  • Improved general sleep hygiene
  • Topped up Ada’s sleep by using power naps
  • Moved bedtime later
  • Implemented a calm and nurturing bedtime routine 
  • Improved the evening flow by swapping around the evening’s activities
  • Swap the cot for a floor bed
  • Emotion coached during the day through tantrums to help with night time boundaries
  • Increased opportunities for play and connection

Ada’s parents chose to work with me 1:1 for 4 weeks with the Sleep Rescue Package.


Ada was sleeping through the night most nights and was able to sleep closer to 7 am.

By helping Ada with her emotions during the day, she was able to be comforted overnight more quickly if she did wake up.

Evenings were more relaxed as Ada was less exhausted after daycare, this meant that the family was able to spend quality time together, and bedtimes were less challenging.

Moving to a floor bed removed the battles to get Ada to go back in her cot and everyone got more sleep!

Client Feedback

I came across Jemma in a sleep deprived desperate Google search. I wanted to work with her thanks to her Holistic approach, I had made the decision that I didn’t want to go down the ‘cry it out’ approach.

What did you find most useful during your time working with Jemma?

Jemma’s non-judgmental advice and the fact she was always available.

Did you have an ah-ha moment? Was there something that really helped?

Yes, lots! Jem had some really intuitive advice, whenever I thought we were a lost cause she gave me so much hope, and different techniques to implement. For example, I had hated the idea of a floor bed, but Jemma explained the pros and cons and I’m so glad we tried it. We love it so much that we kept it instead of going back to the cot.

Would you recommend the Sleep Rescue Package?


I cannot thank Jem enough, she made our catch-up meetings so easy it was like talking to a friend.

She was so helpful and supportive and always available.

I made the decision that I didn’t want to try the ‘cry it out’ method but thought I had exhausted all other options, however, what we learned from the support was that there was always another technique to try.

Not only did we get huge support with the sleep situation, we learned how to emotionally support our little girl through the day, which in turn would benefit us overnight.

I would also compliment Jem on being able to decipher my sleep-deprived texts and being able to offer some concise advice on response and always find a positive in the situation.

It was the perfect solution for our family and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Blissed Out Babies.


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