One to One Sleep Support

You don't have to put up with bad sleep!

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Holistic Sleep Coaching

All the advice I will give you is evidence based, meaning that there has been scientific research to back up why we choose certain strategies. The strategies we will discuss and decide on together will be developmentally appropriate for your child. Never will I suggest you leave your baby to cry it out, or cry for intervals or ever cry alone. I always support and advocate gentle and responsive parenting. Your bespoke plan won’t include rigid sleep and feeding schedules, these are only successful for around 20% of babies and often cause more stress than they resolve. My goal is for you to understand what your baby’s needs are, after all they are not robots!

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Free Consultation

Start with a free 15 minute call to discuss (in brief) your challenges and goals and to discuss whether one of my packages will suit your needs. Sometimes I am able to offer some quick fixes that will help and you don't even need a more in-depth package!

Sleep Foundations

Ideal for parents to be or babies up to 4 months old. This package is not about getting your baby to sleep through the night but to give you the foundation for setting good sleep associations and starting to think about sleep patterns and bedtime and nap time routines.

Sleep Rescue

My most popular package. Suitable from 17 weeks to 5 years, this package is ideal for you if your child has got a strong sleep association that you are finding difficult to maintain, if they are waking a lot in the night or don't nap well, or if bedtimes have become a battle. 

Sleep Rescue Online

Just need the information but then you are happy to go it alone? Why not just go for the online bespoke plan. Includes everything you get in the Sleep Rescue package but without the additional support.

Sleep Rescue Home Visit

If you feel that you need support in person, I can offer a home visit. Everything you get in the Sleep Rescue package but with a home visit either during the day to review naps, or at bedtime to review the bedtime routine.

Additional Support Call

Booked the Sleep Rescue Online plan or are you an previous Sleep Client who might need some additional support? Maybe you have had a second child and need some advice? Book an hour long support call and I can help.

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Troubleshooting Call

If you don't feel like you need a full support package, you can book me for a troubleshooting call.
I can support you with getting to the bottom of what is happening and give you a detailed plan of attack.

Take back Control!

Stop Bedtime Battles

Nobody enjoys it when bedtime becomes a prolonged argument. Maybe your little one just turns wild and can’t be settled, or maybe your toddler is a skilled negotiator with 1000 excuses to avoid going to bed? Let’s give you ways to manage that!

Goodbye 5am starts!

Fix Early Rising

Does your little one wake up with the dawn every day? Are you exhausted after being up so early all the time? Let’s get you a lie in (well at least 7am anyway)!

No Cry It Out

Gentle Strategies

None of the strategies we will use involve cry it out or controlled crying. You will never leave your little one to cry by themselves. All changes are done with your full and responsive support.

How does it work?

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