1:1 Sleep Rescue

Perfect for parents who feel overwhelmed with all the information available on the internet and just need a plan of action that works, with the option to have the support and encouragement to implement it.

Suitable from 6 months to 6 years, the 1:1 sleep coaching packages are ideal for you if you are struggling to cope with your current sleep situation and need help to change it. 

Maybe you have tried all the things you have read on the internet in your desperate 3am searches but nothing seems to work?

Maybe you’re just too tired to think straight and just want someone with the know-how to guide you step by step to reach your sleep goals.

Or maybe you just want to feel supported and heard by someone who will help you, in a way that suits you and without judgement.

With your bespoke package, we can cover:

  • How to optimise daytime naps to avoid under/over tiredness
  • How to understand your child’s unique temperament and how it relates to sleep
  • Strategies for making bedtimes easier
  • Understand when and how to drop a nap
  • How to change sleep associations like feeding/rocking to sleep
  • Moving away from co-sleeping
  • Night weaning
  • Stop early wakes
  • Reduce overnight waking and more…

Book a free discovery call to chat about how I can help. I won’t agree to go ahead with any packages unless I genuinely believe I can help you.

All this without needing to do anything that doesn’t align with your parenting style. No cry it out, no controlled crying, no unrealistic expectations, no stopping breastfeeding (unless you want to!). Just better sleep, a listening ear and more confidence.


Jemma changed my life, and my family's life. In more ways than one. It wasn’t just sleep, it’s changed our mindset of all things around sleep and even when times are hard and things go a bit backwards, we know it’s workable and how to get back on track. I cannot recommend Jem enough. She’s an absolute diamond and I have so so many thanks for her.

What Does It Include?

✅ 60-minute consultation by phone/video and access to my app for communicating during your support term.

✅ Bespoke sleep plan including suggested routine/schedule, strategies for removing sleep associations, and techniques for solving all your sleep problems.

✅ Free access to my sleep tracking app.

✅ Unlimited support for up to 8 weeks after the initial consultation. You can message me as often as you need to, and we can speak on the phone or arrange video calls as many times as you need to speak to me to get the help you need. 

✅ Access to any of my relevant online courses

Troubleshooting Call

Just the plan of action you need
£ 129
  • 60 minute video Consultation
  • Copy of the recording to keep and rewatch
  • Bespoke plan of action by email

Bank of 3 Hours

Save ££ with support in the bank
£ 342
  • 3 hours of video support to use when you need
  • Copy of the recordings to keep and rewatch
  • Email summary of the plans we discuss
  • No deadline to use the time up

Sleep Rescue

5 weeks option
£ 449
  • 60 minute video consultation
  • 5 weeks unlimited text, email or video support
  • Bespoke 1:1 support via message, video or phone call
  • Your hand held every step of the way
  • Priority access to Jemma's availability

Sleep Rescue

8 weeks option
£ 673
  • 60 minute video consultation
  • 8 weeks unlimited text, email or video support
  • Bespoke 1:1 support via message, video or phone call
  • Your hand held every step of the way
  • Priority access to Jemma's availability

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose the level of support you need from the options above.
  2. You can then book the initial 60-minute consultation slot in my diary at a time to suit you.
  3. You will then receive three forms to complete, a sleep diary, questionnaire about you and your family and your goals, and a temperament questionnaire to help me understand your little one and create a personalised plan set up for success.
  4. I will review the diary, your sleep goals and outline a plan of actions for us to discuss in the consultation.
  5. You’ll get a follow up email and we will get started! With unlimited support for the duration of the package, you’re sure to be in a better place in no time.

Case Studies


So and Bo, 8 months
Sleep Rescue 1:1 Plan

Jemma is truly amazing! I signed up for Jemma’s 1:1 package when we were having a really tough time with sleep.

Jemma took an evidence-based approach, using developmental psychology but also tailoring and bespoking it to our child’s temperament and what our family wanted (responsive and no cry it out), whilst also being realistic.

She is so personable and genuine, and I felt really comfortable talking to her.

Our wake ups have reduced from 6-8 wake ups a night, down to just 1, with a quick settle.

Jemma has also helped me with ad hoc calls when we’ve had some sleep blips, as well as supporting me with childcare transitions and toddler tantrums, which has been incredibly helpful.

I don’t know what I’d do without her – she really is a baby guru!


Amanda and Gabriel (14 months)
Sleep Rescue 1:1 Plan

I was a very tired mummy who most of the time was not enjoying my role & was tired of fighting naps & bedtimes where he would have between 4-8 wake-ups a night with split nights. 

Sleep (or the lack of) had taken over my life & I was worried I was letting my little boy down. Jem was fantastic from the start, balancing our needs as parents with the needs of our boy.

Jem used an ACTUAL evidence-based approach (you soon learn there’s a lot of guff on the internet) including exploring the impact of our boy’s temperament on his sleeping.

It didn’t take long for us to achieve what we thought was the impossible …. Our boy sleeping in his own bed in his own room with just 2 wake ups (for feeds) & significant improvements to napping- pretty amazing when you consider in the 5 weeks he cut 2 teeth & separation anxiety peaked. Some nights he wakes up once!

Anyone thinking about going for it, DO IT!


Stacey and Emily (18 months)
Sleep Rescue 1:1 Plan

Stacey got in touch because she wanted to stop co-sleeping. Emily was feeding to sleep and then sleeping on/off all night, so Stacey had to stay with her through the night from bedtime, meaning she had no evening/personal space. 

Now, Emily happily goes to sleep in her own bed and other caregivers are able to help with her bedtimes.

In order to overcome this challenge, we did lots of prep work for the change. We addressed room acclimatisation, read Emily stories to help her understand why she wouldn’t be able to feed anymore overnight, overhauled the bedtime routine to add in extra connection, and gave Stacey tools to help her feel confident in holding firm boundaries. I also gave her tips to support Emily through the upset. This led to Emily’s night weaning within 4 nights and sleeping through in her own bed soon after. Emily was never left to cry by herself through any of this!


Victoria and Catherine (7 months)
Sleep Rescue 1:1 Plan

Victoria contacted me as Catherine’s naps were unpredictable and she was waking a lot at night time. Victoria was concerned the lack of a ‘routine’ would be an issue at daycare for when she needed to return to work. 

We reviewed a sleep diary and make some changes to timings, helping Victoria to understand how sleep works so she could still be flexible some days to still be able to meet friends and have some social life on mat leave. With some simple changes to the bedtime routine and evening flow, Catherine was sleeping better in no time.

“I can’t recommend Jemma highly enough. On the first day of working with her, she helped my baby sleep better at night without using the cry it out method. She then coached me on my baby’s sleep over the next couple of weeks which gave me the understanding and tools to keep my baby on track. I felt really empowered by Jemma about my baby’s sleep.”

Not quite the right option?