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Have things gone a bit wrong lately?

Maybe you have had a great sleep routine and suddenly things have changed and you don’t know what to do.

Maybe you just need help with one small thing like early rising, bedtime battles or night weaning.

If you don’t feel like you need afull support package and the online course is things you already know, then the troubleshooting call might be just the thing you need.

Get in touch, I’m happy to help!


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We approached Jemma for advice about our one year old, who was difficult to settle to sleep and waking up every half an hour after we put him to bed. She was non judgemental and gave us some straightforward, practical and manageable suggestions about adjusting day time sleep patterns. We couldn’t believe what a big difference to his night time routine it made! Would highly recommend!
Meenie and Indy
Meenie and Indy12 months
With Jemma’s help and expert advice we have a toddler who now sleeps for 1.5-2 hours at lunch time and generally sleeps 7pm-7am where he previously woke from his nap after 45 minutes and would be difficult to settle, our days also started between 4.30-5am. Jemma’s kind and non judgmental attitude made her a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend
Victoria and Theo
Victoria and Theo12 months
I’m very pleased, things are very much improved! I’m feeling a million times better!!!
Lucy and Sam
Lucy and Sam9 months

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