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How Can it Help and why choose me?

  • Does your child wake a lot overnight?

  • Do you want to stop feeding or rocking your child to sleep?

  • Is naptime and bedtime a battle?

  • Is your child waking before 6 am every morning?

  • Are you finding it hard to cope?

I can help, you are not alone



Tiredness is one of the most challenging parts of being a parent, looking after a little one can be exhausting. Especially if your child doesn’t sleep! Being a mother of 2 young children myself I can empathise with the stress and anxiety that comes with having a disrupted sleep routine for a long time.

My son didn’t sleep for longer than a few minutes to half an hour at a time for the first 5 months, I found it mentally challenging and I worried that not only was he unnecessarily unhappy and grumpy a lot of the time, but that his development would be affected as his sleep was so poor.

In those long lonely hours overnight I read and read and read about baby sleep and the science behind it. The more I understood, the more I was able to find ways to help him to sleep better, for longer, and we were both happier for it. I since qualified as a Sleep Coach and am here to offer you friendly, non-judgemental advice that will change how you feel, how your little one sleeps and honestly change your life.

What Makes Me Different?

My Approach

I take a holistic, solution focused, family centred approach. I look at the whole picture and will work with you to come up with sleep strategies that will work for you and your own parenting style.

I believe that it is possible to optimise sleep whilst still being a responsive and gentle parent, with strategies that will always put the needs of your child first. I do not advocate controlled crying or cry it out techniques, nor will I suggest that you try any techniques that you are not comfortable with.

Is this sleep training?

Not in the traditional sense, if anything I educate you to understand the science of sleep, rather than trying to ‘train’ your child.

My goal is for you to gain a proper understanding of sleep and your child’s individual sleep personality so that you are able to adapt your approach as your child gets older. 

I take time to listen to you and the challenges you are currently experiencing and get to really understand your goals. I will then put a bespoke plan together for you and also give you as much support as you need in putting it into practice.

I Am Ready For Change!

I have a range of different sleep coaching packages to suit the way you want to work but also your budget. Whether you need a full support package with me there to hand hold you through every step of the process, or whether you like a group support option or even just the information for you to read in your own time whenever you are ready, it's your choice. Read more about each option here.

Lets's do this

Get better sleep for you and your family