Online Expert Sleep Support for Babies and Toddlers in the UK

Image f Jemma Munford, Blissed Out Babies. Manchester based baby and toddler sleep consultant

Hey, I’m Jem,

I’m a qualified baby and toddler sleep consultant based in Manchester, UK and I would be thrilled to be your guide on your journey towards better sleep, and more confident and empowered parenting.

With an extensive background in holistic sleep coaching and a deep understanding of the science behind sleep, I’ve dedicated myself to helping families like yours achieve the restful nights you’ve been dreaming of.

As a mum of two energetic kids myself, I know firsthand the challenges that come with bedtime battles and restless nights.

That’s why I’m here to provide personalised guidance and evidence-based strategies to tackle those sleep struggles head-on.

Together, we’ll craft sleep routines tailored to your family’s unique needs, empowering you to make positive changes that promote healthier sleep habits and stronger parent-child bonds.

Book a free sleep strategy call and let’s turn those sleepless nights into sweet dreams – one step at a time!

My Approach to Baby and Toddler Sleep Coaching

A Step-By-Step Path To Sleep Success

All the advice I will give you is evidence-based, meaning that there has been scientific research to back up why we choose certain strategies. The strategies we will discuss and decide on together will be developmentally appropriate for your child.

Never will I suggest you leave your baby to cry it out, or cry for intervals or ever cry alone. I always support and advocate gentle and responsive parenting. 

As an experienced paediatric sleep consultant, I know how to identify the root cause of sleep problems reviewing possible red-flags that might be hindering your sleep progress.

Your bespoke plan won’t include rigid sleep and feeding schedules, these are only successful for around 20% of babies and often cause more stress than they resolve. My goal is for you to understand your child’s needs, after all they are not robots! 

I will help you to:

Sleep better by reducing night waking

Are you having to get up multiple times a night to help your child get back to sleep You must be exhausted, running on nearly empty every day.

I can help you find ways to reduce and even stop those night wakes from happening!

Imagine being able to go to bed and relax in the knowledge that you will wake up feeling refreshed in the morning…

Finally enjoy bedtime and nap times

It’s no fun for anyone when bedtime or nap time becomes a time of stress rather than a time for connecting and rest.

Maybe your little one turns wild and can’t be easily settled, so you need to contact nap and you feel like you don’t ever get a break?

Perhaps they need a lot of help to be able to fall sleep and rocking or feeding to sleep doesn’t feel sustainable.

Or maybe your toddler is a skilled negotiator with 1000 excuses to avoid going to bed?

Together we can help you find ways to manage that with calming techniques for blissful nap and bedtimes.

No more 5am starts, goodbye early waking

Does your little one wake up with the dawn every day? Are you exhausted after being up so early all the time?

Feel like you’ve done a day’s work before you even sit at your desk?

Let’s reclaim your lie-in (well at least closer to 7am anyway) and help you feel like you can be the happy, eneergised parent you long to be!

Feel in control with a step by step plan

Parenting can very easily feel overwhelming. After all, you don’t always feel like you know what you’re doing and there’s SO much information at our fingertips, it can feel confusing and stressful knowing where to start. Add to the fact you’re so tired you can’t think straight!

Working with me, you can feel confident that you have a detailed plan of action, a step by step, tried and tested framework to follow. 

No cry it out, only gentle sleep strategies

None of the strategies we will use involve cry it out or controlled crying. You will never leave your little one to cry by themselves. All changes are made whilst giving your little one your full and responsive support.

Baby and toddler sleep support packages

If you’re looking for support with your baby or toddler’s sleep, I have a range of sleep support packages to suit different budget and needs.

My most popular support option is the Sleep Rescue Package where I work closely with you to find the sleep solutions that work for you and your family.

Each 1:1 sleep rescue package includes:

✅ 60-90 minute sleep consultation by phone/video and access to my app for communicating during your support term.

✅ Bespoke sleep plan including suggested routine/schedule, strategies for removing sleep associations, and techniques for solving all your sleep problems.

✅ Free access to my sleep tracking app, even after support ends (if you wish to continue using it).

✅ Unlimited support for up to 8 weeks after the initial consultation. You can message me as often as you need to, and we can speak on the phone or arrange video calls as many times as you need to speak to me to get the help you need. 

✅ Access to any of my relevant online courses

Sleep Rescue

4 weeks option
£ 395
  • 60-90 minute initial video consultation
  • 4 weeks unlimited text, email or video support
  • Unlimited 1:1 support via message, video or phone call
  • Your hand held every step of the way
  • Priority access to Jemma's availability

Sleep Rescue

8 weeks option
£ 695
  • 60 minute video consultation
  • 8 weeks unlimited text, email or video support
  • Bespoke 1:1 support via message, video or phone call
  • Your hand held every step of the way
  • Priority access to Jemma's availability

Flexible / Ad-hoc Sleep Support

I understand that not every family wants or needs on-going support. 

Perhaps you’re looking for a one-off call where you can just get a ‘sanity check’, an expert review of what you’re already doing?

Maybe the idea of having some time in the bank to call me as and when you need to feels more appropriate than working together intensely for 4 or 8 weeks?

The troubleshooting call, or bank of time options are perfect for parents looking for a bit more flexibility.

Troubleshooting Call

Don't need ongoing support and just want a plan to implement?
£ 99
  • 60 minute video Consultation
  • Copy of the recording to keep and rewatch
  • Bespoke plan of action by email
  • Perfect for a sanity check

Bank of 3 Hours

Save ££ with support in the bank and no deadline as to when you use it
£ 275
  • 180 minutes of video support to use as and when you need
  • Copy of the recordings to keep and rewatch
  • Email summary of the plans we discuss
  • No deadline to use the time up

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose the level of support you need from the options above.
  2. You can then book the initial consultation slot in my diary at a time to suit you.
  3. You will then receive three forms to complete, a sleep diary, a questionnaire about you and your family and your goals, and a temperament questionnaire to help me understand your little one and create a personalised plan set up for success.
  4. I will review the diary, your sleep goals and outline a plan of actions for us to discuss in the consultation.
  5. You’ll get a follow-up email and we will get started! With unlimited support for the duration of the package, you’re sure to be in a better place in no time.

Still confused as to which option is best?

If you’d rather chat about which option will be best for you to get support for your baby or toddler’s sleep, just book in a free chat with me. 

I promise I’ll only agree to help you if I genuinely feel like I can change your life, and if I think a simple change will do that I’ll give you that tip for free.

Is this Sleep Training?

Not in the traditional sense, if anything I train you! You will get to understand the science of sleep, rather than trying to ‘train’ your child.

My goal is for you to gain a proper understanding of sleep and your child’s individual sleep personality so that you are able to adapt your approach as your child gets older.

I take time to listen to you and the challenges you are currently experiencing and get to really understand your goals. I will then put a bespoke plan together for you and also give you as much support as you need in putting it into practice.