Helping Families with Young Children To Get Better Sleep

Empowering you to achieve your sleep goals with confidence, not cry it out

🥱 Does your little one fight bedtimes or nap times?

🥱 Are they waking before 6am every day?

🥱 Are they waking multiple times a night?

🥱 Do you want to get your evenings back, your energy back and your bed back?

🥱 Are you so tired you can’t cope much longer? 

🥱 Do you hate the idea of leaving your child to cry?

You have come to the right place. The advice and support you need to improve your child's sleep is just a couple of clicks away.

Wondering which package to take? 

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Not sure what a sleep consultant can do to help?

Let’s chat it through! Book in on the link below. I promise I don’t take it personally if I’m not the right coach for you 🙂

I'm here for you throughout the early years

Parenting is a team effort. In today’s society, many families are struggling without the proverbial village. It’s no wonder raising your young family can feel stressful and like a weight on your shoulders.

But ou don’t need to feel alone.

I’m here to help you in the early years with any challenge you might be facing, just click through to where you want to go.

About me

Trusting someone else to help your family can be a little scary. I get it, you feel like you’re failing, you’re embarrassed, upset, angry even.

It’s OK to feel like that, this is what exhaustion does to you! 

I am passionate about supporting families through these tough times. 

What you get when you work with me is a sleep consultant with a listening ear, empathy, and no judgment whatsoever.

You’ll love working with me if you believe that gentle parenting, bonding and compassion are the building blocks of creating a blissed-out baby.

You’ll love working with me if you are keen to know not only what to do, but also why.

If you want to reach out to someone who is not going to take over but who is going to teach you and empower you, then get in touch.

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what my clients have to say

“We approached Jemma for advice about our one year old, who was difficult to settle to sleep and waking up every half an hour after we put him to bed. She was non judgemental and gave us some straightforward, practical and manageable suggestions about adjusting day time sleep patterns. We couldn’t believe what a big difference to his night time routine it made! Would highly recommend!”

“With Jemma’s help and expert advice we have a toddler who now sleeps for 1.5-2 hours at lunch time and generally sleeps 7pm-7am where he previously woke from his nap after 45 minutes and would be difficult to settle, our days also started between 4.30-5am. Jemma’s kind and non judgmental attitude made her a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend”

How can I help?

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