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Ever wondered why you just can’t seem to get your baby to follow that sleep plan you have bought online? 

Why your little one just doesn’t seem tired when the app says they should be?

Have you tried everything you have read, but are still struggling with how to make things better?

This Sleep Transformation Group is going to give you ALL the tools you need to get better sleep without the expense of a bespoke 121 package! Just £30 per week instead of £300!

It will be OK

How can This Sleep Transformation Group Help?

Imagine having 4 weeks with a sleep expert right there at your fingertips, able to ask any question that springs to mind.

Imagine having the support of a group of other parents who are in exactly the same position as you and being able to chat and share tips.

Imagine learning how to transform your child’s sleep using gentle methods that align with your responsive parenting style!

Imagine feeling more in control and getting more sleep!

Parenting is HARD

How do you feel when your child isn't sleeping well?

Embarrassed? Everyone else’s baby sleeps so much better, right? 

Worried? Is there something wrong? Is my baby broken?

Guilty? I’m the parent, if my baby isn’t sleeping then it must be something I’m doing wrong?

Alone? Can’t talk to anyone about it because they say to leave your baby to cry and that doesn’t feel right? 

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How Does It Work?

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Learn Everything you need to know

Three Interactive Online Workshops

Over the first week of the course, you will join 3 interactive workshops designed to teach you how to go through the process that I go through with my 121 clients.

The workshops are at 8pm (GMT) and last for around an hour, at the end you have time to ask me any questions that spring to mind. The workshops are fun, interesting and uplifting! You will feel empowered with the knowledge you gain and feel confident that you know what to do to make things better!

Don’t worry if you can’t attend the live sessions, they are recorded for you to watch at a time that is convenient for you. You still get to ask me all those burning questions in the Private Facebook group!

Workshop 1 - Sleep Essentials

Understanding the foundations for great sleep!

In the first workshop you will meet the other parents in the group and chat about your reasons for joining. 

You will learn

  • How sleep works: from the hormones involved to sleep cycles and all about the Circadian Rhythm
  • Why babies wake in the night
  • Average sleep needs by age group
  • Practical tips for daytime
  • Practical tips to create the perfect bedtime routine

Workshop 2 - All About Naps

Everything you need to know about daytime sleep.

Are you frustrated about naps? Are they unpredictable, short in length or your little one always needing to be held or moved around in the pram or sling? This session will be just what you need.

In this second workshop, you will learn

  • The difference between day and night sleep
  • The truth about many  common nap myths  
  • Recognising tired signs 
  • How to get your little one down in the cot from being in arms
  • How to lengthen short naps
  • When to drop a nap and how

Workshop 3 - Sleep Associations

Gently supporting more independent sleep

How does your little one fall asleep? Maybe they feed to sleep and you want to stop this, or maybe you’re having to rock for a long time and are finding it physically difficult.

You will learn

  • What a sleep association is
  • Why Cry It Out or Controlled crying doesn’t fit in my plans
  • The truth about self soothing
  • How to prepare for changing your little one’s sleep association
  • When not to change sleep associations
  • A range of age and developmentally appropriate strategies to change how your little one falls asleep
  • The pros and cons of each strategy so you can make an informed choice and feel confident in your approach

Workshop 4 - Final Q&A

Making sure you have what you need to carry on

We finish the 4 week course with a final Q&A session. The aim of this session is to ensure you have everything you need to carry on your journey with improving sleep. 

Children’s sleep is an ever evolving process with ups and downs over the early years, by the end of this course you will have the knowledge required to know what to do every step of the way!

Support when you need it

Private Facebook support Group

In addition to the 3 workshops, you get access to a private Facebook support group where you can ask all your burning questions.

I know from experience that it can feel really lonely when you’re awake all hours of the night, when everyone else’s baby seems to sleep well except yours, and how you can feel alone.

This group has people in who are in exactly the same position as you, they all want to get more sleep!

There are no concerns about comments like “well my little one sleeps 12 hours overnight and you just need to do this” or “just leave them to cry, you’re making a rod for your own back doing that”. 

It is all about peer support, sharing tips and validation of all those things you’re feeling.

In addition to making connections with other like minded parents, you can ask anything in this group and I will answer all your questions, this is literally the next best thing to my 121 packages but with half the cost!

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This is a 4 week group sleep coaching package that includes the educational workshops, handouts and support in the Private Facebook Group for the duration of the 4 week period.

You are able to post any question in the group whenever you like, I will log in to the group every evening to answer all your questions.

The cost of this AMAZING package is just £120 which is just £30 per week, or £4.28 per day. We all agree though that feeling like a happier and more rested parent with a little one who is getting the sleep they need and without harsh sleep training is PRICELESS.

Payment plans are available, just contact me if you would like to discuss.

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