1:1 Coaching - Sleep Rescue

when things have got a little tough

don't know where to turn? Tried everything?

Sleep Rescue

yawning baby

Who is this for?

My most popular package. Suitable from 17 weeks to 5 years, this package is ideal for you if your child has got a strong sleep association that you are finding difficult to maintain, if they are waking a lot in the night or don’t nap well, or if bedtimes have become a battle. 

You will learn

  • How to optimise daytime naps to avoid under/over tiredness
  • Strategies for making bedtimes easier
  • Understand how to drop a nap
  • How to stop certain sleep associations
  • How to night wean
  • How to stop early wakes
  • How to reduce overnight waking
  • How sleep works so you can identify problems and resolve them until your child is 6 years old!


What does it include?

  • 15-minute introduction call
  • 3-day sleep and feeding diary (to be completed prior to consultation)
  • Sleep Diary Analysis
  • 90+ minute consultation by phone/video/ or in-person (if local to M33)
  • Blissed Out Babies Sleep Handbook
  • Bespoke sleep plan including sleep diary analysis, suggested routine/schedule, strategies for removing sleep associations and techniques for solving sleep problems.
  • Support for up to 8 weeks after the initial consultation (unlimited text support in the first 2 weeks then up to 6 calls/emails thereafter)
  • Access to Facebook support group

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