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Blissed Out Toilet Training

Panicking about pee and poo?

Approach your child's toilet learning with confidence and support their steps to success.

Imagine feeling confident knowing how to tell whether your child is ready to go nappy free

Imagine stress free potty training, with no arguments because you’ve timed it right and prepared your child well 

Book onto a Blissed Out Babies Toilet Training Workshop to learn everything you need to know about supporting your child in achieving this milestone!

With the Blissed Out Toilet Training Workshop, you won’t feel potty about potty training! 

You are not a bad parent if your little one doesn’t take to potty training straight away.

All children are different. 

They have different ways of learning and reach their milestones at different ages. 

And a lot of what we’ve been told about traditional potty training is way off the mark. 

Would you like to approach supporting your child with this huge milestone with confidence? 

Are you ready to potty train in a child-led, less stress way?


The Blissed Out Toilet Training course is designed to help you understand when and how to approach potty training your child. 

In this group workshop, taking place over two 1.5hour sessions, you will learn:

  • How the body works
  • How to promote healthy wee and poo
  • How to spot the signs of readiness and how to encourage and support them
  • A range of practical tips to getting started
  • How to prepare for getting out and about
  • When to expect and encourage night-time dryness
  • Common bumps in the road and how to troubleshoot

You will be able to ask questions through the session and get useful handouts to take home.

 All for a limited time, only £25.

Knowledge is the key to toileting triumph!

A tried and tested process

You will learn the three steps essential for making your child’s toilet training journey a success.

I didn't know much at all before, so all of the content was welcome and valid learning for me (thank you!). It gave me some ideas of what to look out for and what to do if things arent going so well.

A scientific basis

We focus on how the body works, healthy wee and poo and your child’s readiness.

The advice about how to get healthy wee and poo was useful. The course helped me to have realistic expectations, I especially found the advice about discussing with nursery helpful

A gentle focus

The course covers, physical, cognitive and emotional readiness. Without understanding this, not only will the process be frustrating, but your little one may find it stressful. This can lead to withholding and refusal.

I didn't know anything about potty training before so this course was so useful. I now feel confident in preparing both myself and my child for this next phase.

A holistic approach

With the Blissed Out Toilet Training Course you will: 

  • Feel confident that you understand the biology of wee and poo, and set great healthy foundations to get ready for potty training
  • Know how to spot the signs of readiness (and its not just waking up one day and refusing nappies)
  • Troubleshoot common bumps in the road
  • Cope confidently with getting out and about
  • Understand the difference between day and night time dryness
  • Use play to make the process fun!

Meet Jemma!

I’m a Mum of two and passionate about supporting children (and parents) to learn and grow in a way that suits them.

I try to make what seems complex and overwhelming, more manageable and achievable and I believe that knowledge = confidence. 

Whilst I offer these online courses, you never have to go it alone, I’m always on hand for 1:1 support if you need a little extra help.

I’m the kind of Mum who thinks Bluey’s Mum and Dad are total #parentinggoals, and has lost sleep over my many questions about Bing. 😝

Feel free to drop me a line to chat through how I can help.

Q: Is this a potty training bootcamp promising success in 3 days?

A: Nope. This course is about understanding how to know when YOUR little one is ready, how to lay the best foundations to support them in this transition. If you understand this and pick a good time to start then you’re in the best place for a simpler, less stressful potty training journey.

Q: How long is the session?

A: The session is around 2-2.5 hours. We will have a break or two for a cuppa and questions. 

Q: Where can I go if I need extra support?

A: You have access to a private Facebook group which can be a great place to ask additional questions. After purchasing the course, you can also get a discount on a private call with me whenever you like.  

Can't wait? Or prefer to do this under your own steam?

Why not try the online course and get instant lifetime access?