One to One Sleep Coaching Terms and Conditions

Blissed Out Babies agrees to provide sleep coaching services.

I confirm that I will:

  • Provide a pre-consultation sleep diary template
  • Undertake a sleep consultation of up to two hours.
  • Provide a full, written summary and sleep plan within 3 working days of the consultation
  • Provide unlimited text support for the specified period following the consultation. Then further calls/emails/texts messages for the specified period.
  • Follow up will be provided for the specified number of weeks after the date of the consultation.
  • Support is provided between 9-am and 5-pm Monday to Friday. Whilst I aim to get back to every question as promptly as possible, all support requests will be responded to within 4 hours during this period.

By entering into an agreement to consult, the client agrees to pay the specified fee, discuss any concerns with the sleep coach in the first instance, and make every effort to carry out the sleep plan consistently as mutually agreed at the time of consultation.

Refunds are only available before the Sleep Diary is returned to Blissed Out Babies for review.

Sleep Coaching needs an open relationship between us, I rely on you to provide me with information that is as honest and accurate as possible. I am here to help to educate and support and encourage you to reach your sleep goals but can only do this if you are on board and committed to the with the plan.

Blissed Out Babies does not guarantee any specific outcome, result or success of the sleep coaching, and expressly disclaims any such guarantee or warranty.

In booking Sleep Coaching Services, I agree that I do not hold Blissed Out Babies responsible for any circumstances with my baby’s health. On booking please specify if your baby has any medical issues