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THE Most comprehensive online Sleep course available to parents

Let me guess, you’re here because your little one doesn’t sleep.

You’re struggling with 

  • Multiple night wakes
  • Early rising
  • Bedtime battles
  • Naps are driving you crazy
  • You want to stop feeding/rocking your little one to sleep

Not only that but you may have already tried other online sleep plans, schedules, and routines and had little or no success. 

Why should you consider another way? 

Are you a details person? 

Just want a solution now? 

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why should you choose this course?

This course is jam packed with around 3 hours of content, it covers everything you need to know about 

  • How sleep works
  • What is ‘normal’
  • How to recognise your baby’s cues
  • How temperament affects sleep
  • How to create a schedule that works for YOUR baby
  • Daytime tips for sleep
  • Bedtime best practice
  • When and how to drop a nap
  • Self-settling – setting realistic expectations
  • 6 strategies to help your little one settle independently in their sleep space without leaving them to cry alone
  • Night feeding and night weaning
  • Common sleep problems and how to troubleshoot

it's not just about your child's sleep...

Add to all this amazing and easy to follow information, an entire module all about YOU, written by two amazing contributors:

Dr. Lyndsey McMillan is a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in working with families.

Dr Lyndsey covers how to cope with the difficulties of sleep deprivation, the transition to parenthood and how to cope with a crying child.

Photo of Emily Dawes

Emily Dawes is a qualified Personal Trainer and Therapist, she supports women in improving mindset and using movement for energy and wellbeing.

Emily shares her tips for creating a positive mindset and covers a number of ways to help promote your own self care.

There really isn’t a more comprehensive sleep program available.

With two affordable options, take control of your family’s sleep NOW. I promise you won’t look back.

How Does It Work?

In this course, you will learn all about my ‘DNA Sleep Method’. This is the approach I take every time I work with a new sleep client. 

I will take you step by step through what to do, in what order to give you the best chance of succeeding in achieving your family’s sleep goals.

This is not a plan that just gives you a routine to try and get your baby to follow, this course will teach you all about how sleep works, empowering you to understand not just WHAT to do, but WHY you need to do is so that you can more instinctively know what to do when things change, or if the routine you’re using doesn’t seem to work.

You will learn all about:

What Is 'Normal'

Learn all about baby sleep, how it works from a biological perspective and how to make the science sleep work in your favour.

What Makes Us Different?

You are possibly here because you have tried the sleep plans you can buy online that tell you the times to put your baby down to sleep and they haven’t worked. Learn all about why babies are so different and how to decide on strategies that will work with YOUR child’s unique personality.

Create A Schedule That Works

There is no routine included, no sleep plan, no set feed/sleep schedule because a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. You will learn how to bring the many variables together to create a sleep routine that works for YOUR child.

Stress Free Naps

Naps are one of the biggest sources of stress for parents, learn  how to time your child’s naps so you no longer have to wrestle with them every time.

Feeding at night

You will learn why it is not necessary to wean your little one off night feeding in order for them to sleep well. The course covers the pros and cons, and offers a range of strategies to reduce or stop night feeds when the time is right.

Support Independent Sleep

If you are ready to move away from supporting your child to fall asleep through feeding or rocking, this course gives you 6 different strategies to help. These strategies at no point will require you to leave your child to cry by themselves, or for set timed periods. You will be there on hand to support your little one through any changes you make.

How Do I Sign Up?

DNA Sleep Program

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  • 12 Months Access
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