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Baby led baby massage classes? But what does that really mean?

My massage classes are ‘baby-led’. What does this really mean? How can this little person let me know if they would like a massage or not?!

“Imagine a giant comes who is much taller, stronger, bigger, and grabs you and you don?t even know what will happen to you. It’s scary. So, slow down. Give yourself time. Tell your child what you are going to do. Wait for a little response.?”                                                                                                                    

Magda Gerber, Your Self-Confident Baby

For me, this quote perfectly sums it up. I teach baby massage classes in Sale, Trafford and across South Manchester and Cheshire, the focus is on the baby and learning how to understand and respecting their cues. So much research has been published to prove the importance of positive nurturing touch to the mental and physical development of babies. Carried out in a respectful way, baby massage can really enhance the bond between baby and carer.

But how do we read our baby’s cues?

Firstly we look for the obvious physical signs that the baby is in the right mood for a massage, the course goes through these signs in detail with lots of information about the various new-born reflexes which you can expect to see with younger babies. One of the most important parts of the massage routine is to ask the baby’s permission to begin. This not only allows the baby to get ready for the massage experience but also shows that we respect how they feel. We will teach our children the difference between healthy and unhealthy touch and so this shows them they have the right to decline unwanted touching.

Blissed Out Babies Mums Asking Permission

But what if I come to class and my baby doesn’t want a massage?

Worried that the class coincides with feeding time? Or that your baby will be due a nap half way through? Don’t worry, babies are welcome with all their sounds and in all their moods, you are welcome to feed, they can sleep or cry or communicate however they wish to on the day. If your baby does fall asleep during the massage, there are spare dolls for you to practice the strokes on, or you can just cuddle your little one whilst you watch and learn.

At the start of the course, you will receive a handout which clearly show the strokes for you to practice at home at a time when your baby is ready and giving you all those positive cues. At the end of each class we have plenty of time to have a cuppa and a chat and for you to relax yourself.

There may be a class where your baby just isn’t in the mood for a massage, in the worst case scenario, you will at the very least get a hot drink, a biscuit or two and have a chat with some friendly like-minded parents.

Does this sounds like the class for you?  Book your course today, details for the times and locations are here.

By Jem

Mother of two, qualified baby massage instructor and holistic sleep coach. Passionate about creating a friendly network for new parents and providing support in the early years.