DNA Sleep Program 3-6 Months

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I’m Jemma and I am a Holistic Sleep Coach, Infant Massage Instructor, and Mum to Max and Holly, and wife to Mark. I work with families with young children to get better sleep. As a Mum of two myself, I have probably been through exactly what you’re going through right now, I know how hard it can feel sometimes. Helping families like you to get more sleep and to feel better about it all is exactly why I do this job!
I am all about gentle and responsive methods, so there’s no cry it out or controlled crying with me. The strategies I use to help parents in improving their baby’s sleep are always focused on protecting attachment but I’m by no means a strict attachment parent who is in the ‘suck it up, this is life with a baby’ camp.
I know how important sleep is, and how a lack of sleep can be detrimental to your ability to cope as a parent and your own mental health, so I am passionate about helping parents get through these tough times.
Working holistically, my approach is not to give you a set sleep and feeding schedule that you need to try and force your baby to fit into: I know in most cases that just doesn’t work. It’s also probably why you’re here, right? You have already tried everything you can think of, including the routine that works for your friend’s baby, or that one you bought off the internet at 3 am.

Course Aims

This course aims to give you a realistic overview of what new baby sleep is really like, why it’s so changeable and gives you some practical tips to help you to get through the first six months. You will learn
  • all about how sleep works, so you can use biology in your favour
  • about how sleep changes after the 4th Trimester, and what to expect at 3, 4-5 and 6months
  • what is happening with your baby during periods of development
  • my DNA Method for Younger Babies, the process I go through with my 1:1 sleep clients
  • my two favourite strategies for gently supporting your baby to sleep more independently
  • practical tips to help you to cope with a crying baby, I know how this takes a toll mentally
  • a lovely baby massage, yoga, and reflexology routine to relax and soothe your baby and relieve pain from wind and teething

By Jem

Mother of two, qualified baby massage instructor and holistic sleep coach. Passionate about creating a friendly network for new parents and providing support in the early years.