Blissed Out 4th Trimester

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This course aims to give you a realistic overview of what new baby sleep is really like, why it’s so changeable and gives you some practical tips to help you to get through the first three months.

You will learn

  • all about how sleep works, so you can use biology in your favour to make gentle positive changes
  • about how to focus on getting feeding established well and common feeding problems, and practical winding techniques
  • what is happening with your baby during periods of development
  • practical tips to help you to cope with a crying baby, I know how this takes a toll mentally
  • a lovely baby massage and reflexology routine to relax and soothe your baby and relieve pain from wind, constipation and the symptoms of colic.

By Jem

Mother of two, qualified baby massage instructor and holistic sleep coach. Passionate about creating a friendly network for new parents and providing support in the early years.