How The Course Works

This course offers everything most parents need to know about sleep, for children aged from around six months to around 18 months.

It is divided into sections into topics

What Is ‘Normal’? Dispelling some common myths about our modern perceptions about baby sleep.

How Sleep Works Understanding the science can make it easier for you to tweak and adapt your plan because it hopefully makes more sense.

Sleep Hygiene This is key for laying the best foundations for good sleep. Start here and you may see improvements without needing to do anything else!

All About Naps Naps are a major frustration for many parents, this module will help you to understand how to time naps, ways to help in extending short naps and when and how to transition to 3, 2 or one nap.

Self Soothing Another frustration for parents is when your little one needs a lot of help to fall asleep. This module gives you a selection of responsive strategies to support your child to fall asleep more independently.

Night Feeding Why children feed in the night, and ideas for how to night wean, including the most gentle strategy possible.

I know you’re probably excited to get stuck in, you have made the decision to take action, make a change, and transform your family’s sleep. So well done for making it this far…

BUT before we get into focusing on your child’s sleep, I have put one of the most important Sections right at the beginning! Don’t go skipping ahead, please take time to read the lessons in the first section – Let’s Begin With You. However, if you’re really desperate to jump to the sleep lessons that’s OK, you can do that from the course menu….just please make sure you come back to this one 🙂

As a parent, you don’t always place yourself high on the priority list, and you may think that fixing sleep problems is the way to start, but I believe it’s worth focusing on you first. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so humour me and have a read about how sleep deprivation affects you and how to cope during the coaching process.

By Jem

Mother of two, qualified baby massage instructor and holistic sleep coach. Passionate about creating a friendly network for new parents and providing support in the early years.