Group Sleep Workshops

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FREE Sleep Webinar

When and Where?

3rd December 8pm – 9pm

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Who is this for?

Do you have a baby aged 6 months to 2 years?

Are they waking a lot overnight?

Then come along to this FREE sleep workshop. I will be going through my top tips for helping your little one to sleep better at night.


begin your Family's sleep journey from a great place

Group Sleep Workshops

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Who is this for?

Are you interested in children’s sleep but don’t feel like you need a fully bespoke package with personal support? Are you looking for some general tips and advice that can help? Maybe you’re pregnant and interested to understand more about what lies ahead?

Then come along to a group sleep workshop. You will learn

  • What is normal?
  • What is expected by age group
  • Why sleep is so changeable
  • How children’s sleep works
  • How we can improve things covering daytime strategies, night time strategies, food, environment
  • With a Q&A after to answer your specific questions

What does it include?

The ticket price includes the 2 hour workshop plus digital information sheets explaining average sleep needs and awake times per age group, bedtime routine tips and a sleep diary template for you to complete.

If you choose to take up a further Sleep Package with me in the future, then you get your ticket cost discounted off that fee.


Need something a little more personal?

take a look at my one to One packages

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