Don't feel alone if your child isn't sleeping well

Are you struggling with your 6 month to 2 year old’s sleep and need help?

  • Maybe you have a baby who doesn’t sleep at night and you are just exhausted
  • Maybe you have a baby who won’t sleep if you put them down and are finding that hard to sustain
  • Maybe you have looked at children’s sleep coaching but it is just too expensive right now
  • Maybe you’re the type of person who thrives on the motivation and support of a group?

If this sounds like you then you NEED to join one of my amazing Sleep Transformation Groups.

Sleep Transformation in 4 Weeks

My Sleep Transformation Groups are all about knowledge, support and community.

You will join a group of up to 10 parents on a 4 week your journey towards improving your family’s sleep and changing your life.

Imagine you if have a bad night with your little one but know what to do to fix things the next day.

Imagine being able to put them to bed, enjoy bedtime and have the evening to yourself again.

Imagine having a group of people just like you to share experiences and tips with.
Imagine having the advice from a qualified sleep coach for a whole month.
The course includes
  • 3 online workshops to educate you and give you the skills to understand sleep and practical ways to make positive changes.
  • a private Facebook group to share tips, advice, success and even just to have a moan!
  • Group support from me for the 4 week period.
  • Final online Q&A to take sure you are fully ready to continue with your plan
 All this for only £99

These other parents can't be wrong

Jemma was non judgemental and gave us some straightforward, practical and manageable suggestions about adjusting day time sleep patterns. We couldn’t believe what a big difference to his night time routine it made! Would highly recommend!

Meenie & Indy

Jemma knew exactly what the problems were only on our fist chat! Impressed! It was a brilliant experience working with her, we went from bedtime battles to our son sleeping through the night. We feel well prepared for the future and confident that we can adapt our routine as he gets older.

Renata & Ben

With Jemma's expert help and advice, we have a toddler who now sleeps 1.5-2 hours at lunch time and 7am-7pm. Before he would wake after 45 minutes and would be difficult to settle. Our days would also start at 4.30/5am. Jemma's kind and friendly non-judgemental attitide made her a pleasure to work with.

Victoria & Theo

Are you ready for a good night's sleep?

Download the guide now and starts using my practical tips to help your little one sleep better at night.